About Floyd

Floyd McCallum

Floyd McCallum, Certified Personal Trainer


Floyd has been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 15 years, with experience ranging from the “big box” gyms to boutique fitness centers. He currently holds a personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and is both a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM. He is also a Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Level 2 expert.

  • NASM-Certified Personal Trainer: Built around the Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model, the industry’s first training program founded on scientific, evidence-based research.
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist: Proven techniques to prevent injuries; Eliminate pain and improve posture, flexibility while reducing the risk of nagging injuries through innovative corrective exercise programs.
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist: Stronger. Better. Work with any athlete at any level by maximizing their performance, accomplishing their goals and reducing risk of injury.
  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Level 2 expert. The FMS provides a standardized approach to assessing fundamental movement, identifying limitations and asymmetries, and developing individualized corrective exercise programs.


Dating back to childhood, Floyd has always been active playing various sports. In high school he began lifting weights, but without good instruction he made many mistakes that contributed to future injuries. At age 16 he broke his neck in a car accident. After two surgeries where his neck was fused, he was left weighing 140 pounds (at over 6 feet tall) and with some serious limitations. Although he didn’t address his limitations appropriately through fitness, he didn’t let them hold him back. At age 19 he took up the sport of skydiving, and within four years he was on a fully sponsored skydiving team. After completing over 2,000 skydives, he acquired many more injuries which left him with two surgically repaired shoulders and a set of bad knees.

When his injuries forced him to quit skydiving, Floyd’s own personal fitness goals changed from wanting to look good to wanting to feel good. This new outlook led him to a career transition into the fitness industry. He developed a passion for helping other people avoid making the same mistakes that he made with his workouts and health. He enjoys helping people feel their best. Whether their goals are to take off some weight, post rehab of an injury, diabetes maintenance or prevention, or if they just want to look better in their swimsuit, Floyd loves helping people achieve the results they desire.