Personal Training

On your first visit, upon membership, you will receive a movement assessment and a customized workout program based on the assessment, your fitness level and your fitness goals. We employ the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to determine an appropriate workout program defined by your mobility and stability. FMS provides a reliable baseline to screen and evaluate movement in order to develop an actionable and effective personalized fitness program. You will be evaluated every 4-6 weeks depending on your attendance. The workout program will advance depending on your level of progress with your movement quality.

This program is open to all fitness levels, from first-timers to elite athletes. Your fitness goals may include weight loss, injury prevention, post-rehab, or sports performance.

Your customized fitness program incorporates three types of workouts:

  1. Strength Training: Weightlifting and body weight exercises to build strength, muscle and muscle tone.
  2. Conditioning:
    1. Metabolic Interval Training – perform exercises for short intense bursts to maximize heart rate for more efficient fat metabolization.
    2. Aerobic Interval Training – perform exercises for short bursts to elevate heart rate to maximize cardiac output.
    3. High Intensity Steady State Cardio – perform one constant exercise for an extended period to improve cardiac output and burn calories.
  3. Recovery: Low intensity mobility/stability, corrective exercises or low intensity steady state cardio to maximize recovery periods between strength and conditioning workouts.

Membership also includes unlimited weekend group conditioning classes:

  • Saturday 8am-9am
  • Sunday 10am-11am
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