Rebate Offer / Pricing

Get rewarded for working out more often.
The more you work out, the greater your rebate!

Membership Program:

Membership Fee:

$480 per month pre-paid membership dues.

Rebate Program:

Because we believe so strongly in the value of regular, consistent exercise in order to achieve results, our exclusive rebate program is based on the number of visits per calendar month:

16 qualified visits  =  earn 50% discount toward next month’s dues

12 qualified visits  =  earn 25% discount toward next month’s dues

8 qualified visits  =  earn 10% discount toward next month’s dues

Is this program right for me?

Our unique rebate program is best suited for those who are serious about improving their personal health and committed to taking the necessary steps to achieving their fitness goals.

The rebate offer is based on the following requirements:
1. A “qualified visit” is defined as a minimum 30-minute workout.
2. Monthly membership dues are to be pre-paid on or before the 1st of each month.
3. Rebate applies only to continuous months of membership. Any lapse in membership voids the rebate, and regular monthly rates will apply.
4. The amount of visits designated to receive discount must be achieved. No exceptions.
5. Rebate offer is not valid in conjunction with any other discount promotion.

Terms & Conditions