Terms & Conditions

  1. Each member will be invoiced one week prior to the 1st of each month. Invoice will reflect membership rate and earned rebate.
  2. Prepayment of monthly dues must be made no later than the 1st of each month to begin or continue workouts and receive rebate from previous month.
  3. Membership includes up to 3 scheduled personal training workouts per month, plus unlimited weekend interval classes.
  4. Scheduled personal training workouts can be made up if missed, provided 24-hour cancellation notice. To qualify for rebate, workout must be made up in the same month of absence.
  5. The designated number of monthly visits must be achieved to receive the rebate. No exceptions, including, but not limited to travel, illness or injury. Membership can be frozen due to serious illness or injury with a doctor’s note specifying that exercise is prohibited during a specific period of time for recovery.
  6. The rebate offer requires continuous monthly membership dues. A lapse in membership dues will void the rebate offer for that qualified month. No exceptions.
  7. There is no minimum contract term length. Members may cancel their membership at any time. However, there are no refunds for mid-month cancellations. A 30-day notice of membership cancellation is not required, but is much appreciated.
  8. A 50% rebate will be given towards one month’s dues to any member in good standing who provides a membership referral. The rebate is applied to the member’s next month’s dues upon the referral’s first monthly payment.